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List of Bar Awards for 2018 in Prague

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Anonymous Bar
Enter the world of Anonymous with this thematic bar. We are Anonymous, We are Legion
Anonymous Bar is by far one of the most interesting bars in Prague. Full Anonymous theme, you will find a relaxing warm environment. The drinks do not come in your traditional glasses but are represented in a cool manner. You cannot go wrong with Anonymous Bar.
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Coyotes Prague
Energetic Bar with female bartenders and dance shows Located in the city center
Coyotes Prague has received a bars award because of its energetic atmosphere and non stop entertainment. Located right in the city center, you are sure to find a good party just about every day of the night. They also serve food till 2am if you are feeling hungry. Dance show by the female bartenders and more!
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Hangar Bar
A bar with one of the most interesting concepts. Inspiration of 1940-60’s
A great time at Hangar Bar is guaranteed. The bar has a very interesting feel to it, with a Clipper aircraft right in the center of it, and beautiful stewardesses serving you all night. Definitely check out Hangar Bar if you are in the mood for something interesting.
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Balcony Bar
Not your usual bar on the street. Check out the view!
Balcony is one of the best bars due to the unique atmosphere it provides. Enjoy a drink on a Balcony with a view of Prague. Many different choices of wines and tapas, you will not go wrong with choosing this place for your night out.
The answer is way too many. It seems there is a club on every corner.

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Crazy Daisey
Fresh new bar, and the newest bar to win an award Stunning design, and ridiculously good drinks
Crazy Daisy is a newly opened bar, and is already considered as one of the best bars in Prague. The design of the bar makes it stand out from its competitors and the cocktails are mouth watering. If you are looking for a top drink, this place is for you.
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Hemingway Bar
Bar with a long history and a large assortment. Traditionally served Absinth
If you are looking to try some Absinthe, then Hemingway Bar is by far the best bar for you. They have the largest Absinthe varieties and over 200 hundred different selections of rum. Hemingway Bar is considered as one of the best bars in Prague. Large selection and great care in the drink making process.
In Prague, you will find cheap beer (in some places), amazing people (girls and guys :-) ) , and just a wild atmosphere

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La Loca
No such thing as a boring night at La Loca Live performances, DJs, and more
La Loca is a bar with a program just about every night. There are quizzes, karaoke nights, live shows, concerts, and just about anything else you can think of. Packed with tourists and locals, you will definitely find entertainment here on a nightly basis. See you at La Loca!
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Tretter's NY Bar
Tretter’s is considered as one of the top bars in Prague Prague welcomes New York
Enter Tretter’s Bar and you feel like you just entered a historical film set in New York. The atmosphere is tremendous and you will always find well dressed, successful people. The drinks are made with love for gastronomy, and that is why Tretter’s is one of the best bars in Prague.
Monday is actually a party night in Prague, no joke.

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Bugsy's Bar
American-style cocktail bar on Parizska Street Large spirits menu
When you enter Bugsy’s Bar, you will be welcomed by an old American setting. The barmen are dressed in white shirts and black bow ties and you can tell they know what they are doing. It is a great place to start your night!
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La Bodeguita
Little Cuba in Prague Live shows, amazing drinks
La Bodeguita has one of the most welcoming and warm atmospheres of all clubs. You are instantly greeted at the door with smiles and great energy. You really do feel like you are in Cuba. Food is scrumptious and the drinks (especially Mojito is great). La Bodeguita del Medio has many awards for one of the best bars in Prague.
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Groove Bar
Award winning bar with house music Groove it baby
Groove Bar is just about always full, so make sure you reserve ahead of time. Very good house music, and large choice of drinks. Groove Bar is a great place to start your night as well as to party till the morning.
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Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge
Award Winning Bar on top of Hilton Hotel Lives up to its name - Sky Bar
Party in the clouds with Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge. This bar is located in the Hilton Hotel on the top floor. Amazing view of all Prague with great cocktails and 5 star service. If you are looking for a view as well as good drinks, then start your night here!
In Prague, you will find cheap beer (in some places), amazing people (girls and guys :-) ) , and just a wild atmosphere

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